Studio Thadian Pillai

Through the medium of the landscape and garden, the Studio creates captivating and transformative experiences for people.  Seductive and alluring space functions effortlessly in response to the way people wish to live their lives.  Elegantly simple and holistic solutions answer the needs of those who inhabit the space, while simultaneously expressing the Studio’s creative vision for it.  This connects the functional with the philosophical; the practical with the poetic. 

Projects develop through a sensitive understanding of place, its architecture and people.  The inherent flux and fugitive nature of the landscape and garden are understood and managed.  The passing of time, in light, is actively embraced and strategically deployed to provide unparalleled experience specific to a place.  The support of biodiversity and ecological balance seeks to make the provision of such experience sustainable.  The Studio's design of landscape and gardens ultimately serves to enable people to make their own meaningful reconnections with the yet astonishing phenomenon of the natural world.